Yes, I would like to help Kevin Tanner fight for North Georgia!


President Trump

Kevin was a Day 1 supporter of President Trump and he will be a strong defender of the President and his America First agenda. That’s why Kevin authored H.R. 1251 to end partisan presidential impeachments like the sham impeachment against President Trump.

Taxes & Spending

As a county manager during the Great Recession, Kevin didn’t raise taxes. He cut government and spending and left the county almost completely debt free. In the State House, he supported effort to balance the budget and cut the income tax for the first time in history. In Congress, he will be a champion for efforts that cut spending, the federal bureaucracy, cut the deficit and to require the Federal government to pass a balanced budget. And he will support making President Trump’s tax cuts permanent.


Kevin’s family has farmed for generations. Today, he runs a poultry farm on the land that has been in his family for over 150 years. He will fight for our farmers by reducing burdensome federal regulation and supporting President Trump's fair trade agenda that will expand the market for Georgia farmers and agribusinesses.

2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is not a talking point. It’s a way of life in North Georgia. That’s why Kevin has proposed the strongest protection and expansion of 2nd Amendment rights in Georgia. In Congress, he will not only protect our Constitutional gun rights – he will fight to withhold federal funding from any state that attempts to take away gun rights from law abiding citizens. Kevin is a lifelong member of of NRA and has had the highest rating previously.


Kevin is unapologetically pro-life and believes life begins at conception. Period. And he’s proven it. It’s why he proudly supported Governor Kemp’s Heartbeat Bill. In Congress, he will join President Trump in ensuring every life is protected and defunding Planned Parenthood.

Government Reform

In the State House, Kevin has heard the excuse time and time again that “we can’t do that because of the federal government.” He knows that the federal bureaucracy continues to get in the way of conservative reforms at the state level. And it continues to get in the way of our farmers, businesses and people. Kevin will support President Trump’s effort to continue cutting regulation and bureaucracy. He will fight to eliminate unneeded federal programs, agencies and laws that stifle success and reform.


As a former law enforcement officer, Kevin knows that stopping illegal immigration is vital to protecting our families. He will champion President Trump’s effort to fully fund and build the wall on our southern border. And he will support efforts that track, detain, and immediately deport illegal aliens that commit additional crimes in the U.S.

Safety & Security

Kevin is a firm believer in a strong, unmatched military and national defense and a foreign policy that puts America’s interests first. Kevin will support President Trump’s effort to continue rebuilding our military and defense. And he will stand strong to support our vets throughout the 9th District and Georgia.

Religious Freedom

As an unapologetic Christian, Kevin is the only Georgia Legislator to effectively pass religious freedom legislation in the House and Senate. In Washington, he will stand with President Trump to protect people of faith and our religious freedom.