Yes, I would like to help Kevin Tanner fight for North Georgia!

Kevin tanner

Christian. Conservative. Proven Fighter.
Ready To Continue Protecting Our Way of Life

There is too much at stake in our country to sit on the sidelines.

Our values and way of life are under attack by the radical left. With the impeachment sham, socialism on the rise, Nancy Pelosi and the socialist squad trying to destroy our values, and liberals refusing to build the wall to keep us safe, there is too much at stake to sit on the sidelines.

We need strong, effective, and trusted conservative leadership in Congress. I have a proven record of fighting to protect our families, our values, and our way of life. In the State House, I fought to protect our values. In law enforcement, I fought to protect our families. As a county manager, I fought to protect taxpayers – not government. I am ready to continue the fight in Congress to protect all that makes North Georgia and America great.

I am asking for your prayers and support because I am ready to fight to protect North Georgia by ousting Pelosi, stopping Socialism cold, and joining President Trump to Keep American Great.

As the unapologetic, proven conservative in this race, I will get the job done. I can tell you this – if I can stare down a criminal holding a gun at my face, I can handle this fight.

-Kevin Tanner