I want my 3 daughters to be raised in a state that is prosperous and where our values are protected. That’s why I  decided to run for State House.

I know the challenges our families are facing due to the struggling economy—business closings, job losses and foreclosures. We need a leader with the experience to deliver for our families.

I was born and raised in this district, and I understand the values that are important to our families.

You have my word, as your State Representative I will use my experience to deliver conservative reforms to cut government spending, lower taxes and get our families back to work. Most importantly, I will protect our values.


  • Eliminate the corporate income tax and inventory tax to make Georgia more competitive in attracting jobs.
  • Support small businesses.
  • Improve schools and infrastructure.
  • Cut burdensome regulations and red tape that strangle our businesses.
  • Help our agri-businesses expand and support agri-tourism.


  • Cut wasteful spending and limit overall state spending based on population growth and inflation.
  • Implement zero-based budgeting to require every state agency and department to start their budgets from zero to eliminate waste.
  • Refuse federal stimulus dollars and bailouts.
  • Require drug testing for those receiving state welfare dollars.
  • Reduce or eliminate personal income taxes.


  • 100% Pro-Life – will oppose efforts that threaten the sanctity of human life.
  • Pro-2nd Amendment—will oppose any efforts to trample our right to bear arms including attempts to limit access to ammunitions.
  • Protect private property rights. When it comes to stream buffers, eminent domain, regulation of septic tanks and wells, I will side with the property owner every time.
  • Continue the crack down on illegal immigration in Georgia. Laws should be followed.
  • Protect the 10th Amendment and States’ rights.


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