Kevin Tanner understands our families are facing tough times like never before—business closings, record unemployment, foreclosures and attacks on our values. And like all of us, Kevin wants his 3 daughters to live in a state that is prosperous and where our values are protected. To fix the challenges we face, we need a leader who can deliver. That’s why Kevin is running.

Kevin Tanner has deep roots in this district. He was born and raised here, and his family has lived here for generations. Kevin understands the values we hold dear. He lives by them, and they will guide him if elected. As a man of faith, Kevin understands the importance of faith in our lives. We can trust Kevin to protect our conservative values in the State House.

As the Dawson County Manager, Kevin understands how government works. He’s been tested, and he knows how to get the job done. He has experience in developing budgets, managing departments and making tough decisions. Through his leadership and conservative budget practices, Dawson County has not had to raise taxes on our families while other counties and cities have. That’s the kind of conservative leadership we need in the State House to control spending and keep taxes low.

Service isn’t new for Kevin Tanner. For nearly 20 years, Kevin was on the front lines in keeping our families safe as a deputy with the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office. He started carrying a gun and a badge when he was 19 years old to put himself through college. For 11 years, Kevin was responsible for managing the operations of the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office. He knows what it means to serve our community and our families.

Aside from a successful career in law enforcement and county manager, Kevin has started several successful small businesses. As a business owner, he understands the effects of this economy, how to meet a payroll, balance a budget and make the tough decisions. He also understands that high taxes and increased government spending kill businesses as jobs. He will take that experience to the State House to promote conservative policies that will make Georgia more competitive to attract businesses and that help our current businesses.

Most importantly, Kevin is a man of integrity. His word is his bond—when he says he’s going to do something, he does it. He listens to all sides of an issue. He works hard, and he is committed to his faith and his family.

A committed family man, Kevin Tanner has been married to Stacie for over fifteen years. They are the proud parents of three beautiful daughters; Kaitlyn, Abbie, and Chloe. All three of them attend public schools. The Tanners are members of Bethel Baptist Church where Kevin serves as a Sunday School teacher and Deacon.

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